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Dr. Yogesh Vasandii
Homoeopathy doctor & subconscious mind therapist.
DR YOGESH R VASANDII is a well known Physician in Mumbai, India. He is associated with a Medical College and Hospital in Mumbai for over 24 years with a full time teaching experience at a medical institute of almost 10 years affiliated to the University of Mumbai.
Vasudev Nagaraj
Therapist & Life Coach
Three and half decades in the IT industry working for various well known multi- national technology organizations like SUN Microsystems, IBM… Having handled multiple roles as a technologist in my tenure ranging from customer support, sales, and entrepreneurship to consulting… My role required working with cross cultural teams and customers that required facilitation, discussions, convincing and getting everyone on the same page to move forward.
Vineet kumar singh
Transpersonal Regression Therapist
I Have completed 5 levels of EKaa Hypnotherapy (earlier known as CHI). TASSO Diploma (in Feb 19,2017). I am an Ekaa Foundation course Facilitator. And with that I do Radical Healing , Reaki Healer, Aura Photography. Certified Yoga Teacher (Patanjali Yog Samiti).
Kavita Freedom
"Kavita is an internationally certified and accredited workshop facilitator, therapist and life coach with over 12 years of experience. She specializes in dealing with physical and psychological diseases. Over the last few years, she has conducted various workshops on  Money and Finance, Relationship issues, Boundaries, Communication, Procrastination, Loving yourself, Bach Flowers, etc. Kavita is also a speaker on various global and international platforms."
Isabelle Karan
Yoga Teacher & Energetic Healer
I am born and grown up in Switzerland, where I studied nursing and worked on a surgery unit for cancer patience for 13 years. Seeing the suffering I wanted to deepen my knowledge and studied naturopathy for 3 years. I kept visiting India for prolonged period of times. During my first Yoga Teacher Training I met my Husband and in 2008 we decided to move to MP and manifested our dream by building Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge in Kanha.
Bakul H K
Wellness coach
I have been doing readings and healings for people since 15yrs now and I started my journey in 2003 when I was going through alot of my own health and emotional problems and I came across reiki a wonderful modality to heal and transform yourself after that there was no looking back , prior to that I was into my own business of gift gallery after I got on the path of spiritual awakening alot of modalities came my way and there is a saying when a student is ready the teacher arrives and I met wonderful mentors to name a few Doreen virtue , louise hay , kyle gray , diana cooper , vianna stibal , brian weiss and many more had a wonderful opportunity to work for angel therapy practitioner event at london hayhouse for doreen virtue.
Gaurav Behl
Law of Attraction Teacher Trainer, Law of Attraction Coach Trainer
Gaurav is a professional Life Coach and an Up-lifter. He is a Law of Attraction Teacher Trainer, Law of Attraction Coach Trainer, Transform Your Life Workshop Leader, Life Coach’s Life Coach, Kids & Teen Workshop Leader, a healer and a channeller. He has been deeply impressed and inspired by Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton and Louise Hay. In the last 7 years he has conducted over 170 Transformational workshops based on Law of Attraction and on Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind, the maximum anyone has done in India in this period and personally assisted over 6000 people in making breakthroughs in their personal lives. Gaurav is the only Life coach in India to have been part of a workshop with Abraham Hicks in 2017 in France, in 2018 in Greece and in Barcelona in 2019. He was the only Life coach from India to have studied under Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden in 2019 in Rome. He is a Life Coach’s Life Coach and trains and nurtures Life Coaches and those who have a calling to assist others in their spiritual journey and helps them in creating successful and gratifying careers in the arena of personal development, life coaching and Workshop leadership through his LOA Teacher Training, LOA Coach Training and Money Teacher Training Programs.
Ujjwal Batra
Ujjwal Batra
Ujjwal Batra is a Mind-Body Therapist and a passionate seeker in Spirituality who has been working with varying age groups for many years. His work in the area of Family Constellations has been highly acknowledged and the transformations experienced by the people he has facilitated stand testimony for his skill, experience, and success as a therapist.
Viswanaath VS
Touch and Varma Healer
Viswanaath or Vishwa as he is fondly known, hails from Tiruchirappalli, South India, Successful IT professional, who has lived and worked in many countries. Having experienced spiritual phenomena at a very young age, he went into Kundalini yoga at the age of 17. Overwhelming thirst for higher spiritual progression, made him quit his IT Profession and dedicate himself to higher spiritual practice and practice of Touch Healing. He is from lineage of Ayurvedic physicians on his maternal side. He learnt Varma, the most ancient of all healing sciences at Kanyakumari (Southern India), from a pioneer in that science, Dr. Kannan Rajaram - a qualified Siddha Physician. Experienced in 20+ (holistic) healing therapies, now continues to successfully treat many of his clients who suffered from complicated ailments, in India and Sri Lanka with Touch Healing & Varma. As a spiritual practitioner & a Kriya Yogi, he's being of assistance to many souls, who approach him for healing and/or spiritual progression. Vishwa conducts workshops on Touch Healings, Varmam and higher spiritual teachings at India and Sri Lanka. He is officially translating the course materials meant for students pursuing studies in Varma therapy into English. He is the international coordinator for Center for Varma medicine and Research, Kanyakumari and prime disciple of Dr. Kannan Rajaram.
Abhay Thakkar
NLP & New Code NLP Trainer
Abhay Thakkar is a John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) certified International NLP and New Code NLP trainer. He has assisted John Grinder in his trainings and has mentored participants from over 35 countries. Besides John Grinder, he has learnt NLP from 10 other NLP Trainers from abroad and India including Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP), Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP), Richard McHugh (Dick McHugh). He has also explored various healing modalities over the past 12 years including Hypnotherapy, Chakra Healing, Redikall Healing, EFT, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Family Constellation and Graphology. Abhay has facilitated New Code NLP and NLP certified trainings not just in major cities of India but also in Italy and Spain. His mission statement: “I’m passionately empowering individuals to connect themselves with their highest potential and to assist them to trust in their purpose of life, so that they create, lead and live a fulfilling life contributing to and for their world and outside their world.”
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