Anu Mehta

October 5, 2022 | 3:56 am - 3:56 am | Live stream via Zoom

“The only person who can transform your destiny and make you feel empowered is you, so go ahead and make that one change today.”

Anu Mehta

  • META-Health
  • NES-Health
  • Advanced Clearing Energetics

Dr Anu Mehta is a Master Trainer in META Health and aims to help transform people with abuse and trauma.

She is the only Master trainer of a diagnostics tool called META-Health, and a trainer in Information technology called NES-Health and Advanced Clearing Energetics in India today. She also trains people in various emotion releasing techniques.She trains people in various emotion releasing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting, Advanced Clearing Energetics and Hypnotherapy.

She is also trained in various other modalities like ‘Luscher Color Diagnostics, Tarot cards, Angel cards, Lecher Antenna, Pendulum Dowsing and various others. She has a unique talent of integrating drawings and Luscher Color Test to find the conflicts at unconscious level which impact our physical body and behavior. By unraveling these conflicts by simple way of scanning the drawing and color’s helps her to identify depression and suicide possibilities and thus unravel what to do to save a life.

Dr Anu believes in empowering people. According to her real empowerment can only happen when people look very deeply into what needs to be changed in their life and then go ahead and make that CHANGE. She says,” The only person who can transform your destiny and make you feel empowered is you, so go ahead and make that one change today”.

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