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Tulin Etyemez Schimberg
Past Life Regression Therapist
Janine Booij
Janine Booij
Trainer / Regression Therapist
Jörgen Sundvall
Hypnotherapist, Teacher and founder of the Swedish School of Hypnotherapy
Former student of philosophy, psychology and comparative religion. Married since 1971 (got married in Mumbai). 4 children, 5 grandchildren. Student of HDG Bhaktivedanta Swami. Founder of the Swedish School of Hypnotherapy. Aged 74. Main interest: Vedanta based philosophies. Name to fame(ha!): About 15 programs on the national Swedish television on topics ranging from assisting people to access their past lives experiences to helping people resolve their night terrors.
Mirrabelle Lindemann
Natural Horsemanship as Therapy Instructor
I was born and raised in Auroville, where I still live today. I was fascinated by animals and the non-verbal world since I can remember. My best friend, Flame, is my four legged companion since i am 5 years old. Since, we have spent more thab 20 years together exploring eachothers worlds. At age 12 i got into a serious accident, my horse spooked and kicked me in the face. I needed many surgeries and years to heal. But this trauma made me understand the necessity for clear non-verbal communication, as with it we could understand the cause of certain issues rather than band-aiding the symptoms. Natural Horsemanship has been the biggest journey of healing and understanding of the world around me, especially the human world.
Biju Sebastian
Holistic Healer
I'm an experienced, Internationally Acclaimed Holistic Energy Healer with multimodalities viz  Theta Healer, UK Certified Family Constellation Therapist, Traditional Usui Reiki Grand Master,Angel Healer , Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Money Consciousness Facilitator, Ho'oponopono & Other Meditation Expert, Naturopath, Praanayam Expert, LOA Expert, Emotional Freedom Technic Expert
Dr Ravi Doctor
Homeopathic Physician & Naturopath
Homeopathic physician in practice for 20 years. Undergraduate from Mumbai and post graduate from Allen college Uk. Fellow of British Institute of Homeopathy. Specialized in integrative oncology and Anthroposophic medicine Switzerland. Currently Associate professor and head of department Virar Homeopathic Medical college and Hospital. Currently attached with Department of CAM Saifee and Masina Hospital Mumbai. Honorary with Indian Army, Colaba and Mumbai Police Hospitals. Founder and core faculty International Integrated oncology training an Indo Swiss initiative in integrative medicine.
R Sridhar
Personal Energy Coach
For over 3 decades, Sridhar has worn two hats – one, that of a therapist studying the subject of energy, and two, as a journalist – he was Senior Editor at The Times of India. Both, energy management and journalism, trained him to have keen observation skills, an understanding of human behaviour, staying open to possibilities and possessing good communication abilities. Four years back, he followed his ikigai by quitting his job to pursue teaching Personal Energy Management full time. Through his firm Energenie Academy, he aims to create a million Energy Genies – people who successfully live an enriched energised lives. He teaches his flagship course, Personal Energy Management (PEM) in a variety of formats to professionals, doctors, corporates, teachers and students. He has also authored two books on PEM and does 1-on-1 sessions called Total Energy Makeovers. Through his firm, he also offers extensive content management services – from ghostwriting to self-publishing.
Evening process with Hitesh, Eshanye, Ujjwal, Shruti
Bell is a trainer, coach, speaker, musician, and therapist with over 17 years in Education and Training industry. She is also a Certified Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Certified Professional Trainer (UK), Certified Hypnotherapist (ABH-NLP), Certified Timeline Therapist (Time Line Therapy™️ Association), Bazi Mastery Practitioner, Points of You®️ Practitioner, Inner Child Therapist, Past Life Therapist and Family Constellator. Working as a Coach in co-operate world, ANKUR also has an inclination towards the spiritual realm.
Ssanket Jayant Popat
Spiiritual Catalyst
Hailing from a reputed Gujarati Business Family. Ssanket has been practicing Occult Sciences professionally since last 5 years. Born and bought up in Central Suburb of Mumbai, Sion, Done his Schooling form a reputed convent Our Lady of Good Counsel High School. A commerce graduate from, R.A.Podar College of Commerce & Economics, Matunga, Mumbai. Ssanket was an active Partner in his family business of Custom clearing & forwarding a very renowned company namely Azad Shipping Agency which he pursued for 20 years, but his heart and soul was into something else so on 31st March 2015 he very amicably decided to quit his family business and decided to follow his passion and started his full time into occult. As it is rightly said do what you love and success follows same
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