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Building and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships can be a lifelong journey. Even if it is with oneself, this journey is usually not   Alternative healing therapies offer tools and insights to enhance communication, heal emotional wounds, and nurture the connections that matter most

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Rachna Jog

Rachna Jog has extensive certifications in counseling and therapy, including regression therapy, hypnotherapy, and arts-based therapy. She conducts workshops on topics like family constellation and chakra healing, trains various groups, and provides one-on-one counseling for individuals and couples.

She has worked with diverse clients, including street children, and served as a mentor for regression therapy students. She has also collaborated with UTV as a counselor for a web series and co-founded "UNBOUND with RA," offering online workshops on family constellation, inner child healing, and collective consciousness. Her broad expertise makes her a valuable professional in counseling and alternative therapy. Lastly, she also holds an MBA degree.

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