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Why do we chant Om Shanti 3 times?

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Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! Why do we chant Shanti 3 times? Man seeks Peace & Harmony, When there is Peace, there is Happiness. Peace is of 2 kinds: External & Internal. Seers & Sages of ancient times analysed this and found that man’s peace is disturbed by primary 3 reasons: 1. The Unseen Divine: Forces such as Earthquakes, Floods, Storms, etc. over which man has no control 2. The Known Factors: Accidents, Crimes, Unhealthy Human relations, etc. These they related to man’s past actions that have not been paid in the previous lives. 3. The Supernatural: The last disturbance is due to “Adhyatmik" reasons or supernatural reasons. Rishis discovered the principle of “Trivaram Satyam” that which sincerely said thrice comes true! Facets of this are seen in modern times such as in Courts, Triple Talaq System, etc. The first utterance of the word is chanted aloud, addressing the unforeseen forces of nature. The second chant is softer, directed to our immediate surroundings and all those around us. The third chant is the softest, because it is to oneself; to re-address our past life’s karmic debts. It is by chanting thus that we strive to regain our lost tranquility.

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