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What makes Luck? Can we create Luck?

Luck, Kismet, Destiny, Fate…!

Being born and bought up in a middle-class family, I spent most of my youth life believing in Hard-Work. I was taught that money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t win the lottery and the only key to success was hard work.

Believe it or not, I never even won at Casino or 3 Patti (An Indian Card Game).

At one point, the Luck = (time, energy, effort) equation began to fall flat.

I have been a student of life ever since. When I understood manifestations, affirmations, belief systems, karma and so much more the whole equation stopped making sense to me.

The way I see luck today is….

  1. Generational Wealth: Affects the tradeoffs we make.

  2. If your ancestors were rich and you aren’t, work on it

  3. If your ancestors were poor and you are poor, work in it.

  4. If your ancestors were rich and you are… Stop reading and go on a holiday 😀

2. Generational Wisdom & Trauma: What kinds of problems were our older generations (parents, grandparents, storied) solving in their personal, professional & societal lives? These affect our mindset, priorities, value systems, and how we respond to situations

3. Geographical Roots: Affects quality, quantity of opportunities, and general optimism or cynicism about them. Were you part of the partition? Has your family been displaced?

4. Peer Group: You can control your peer group. Chose who you want to don’t want to hang out with. The only catch here is you need to have boundaries, strong boundaries.

  1. Remove the bullies (Uncles, Aunties, Friends)

  2. Persistent Complainers: Why keep them in your space

  3. Make your list and start cleaning.

5. Open-Mindedness: Break old patterns, and try new things…professionally and personally.

1 to 3: Require Therapy or external help 4 to 5: We can work on our own via Self Healing I also realized that the biggest block to luck was me. Well, luck didn't have a problem with me, I had a problem with luck and I had to change myself. The biggest challenge was I was close to receiving luck or being lucky. So... Do you feel you are lucky? Let me know in the comments below.

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