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What is your Love Language?

Am sure you’ve read the post about Love Languages earlier on JoiningHands. A few days back Ankita Bantwal was over at my place and since we missed celebrating her birthday, my daughter (Prisha) decided to make her a cake. Prisha being Prisha chose to do a Caramel Custard pudding instead of a cake.. I was seeing Ankita being surprised and teary-eyed looking at the unexpected gift from Prisha. If it was Rozina Bhatia or me, am sure her reactions would be different, but I felt to her this was a shocker and also unexpected. Seeing her expressions, I started thinking what really is Ankita’s Love Language? Interestingly, I know Prisha’s love language (I made her take the test). TEST? Wait. What? You haven’t taken the Love Languages Test. Ok, so before you read on, click here and take the test

Take the test 1st and then continue reading, or else you'll feel lost.

You don't listen do you? 😍 So, there are 5 Love Languages and as my learning & experience tells me, we all have a primary and secondary language. My mind started wondering & asking can I have all the love languages? As I heal myself, can my love languages change? What if my mind (the most amazing tool on this planet, maybe even all planets) is amazing at this and chooses different love languages with different people… WOW!

Could that even be possible….? So my Love Language for my Mother is different from the love language I have for my wife and which is totally different from my daughter! Now here's what I feel life gets interesting, we all have all the languages. Of course, there are primary love languages and then secondary ones but I feel if you can get yourself and your loved ones to take this test then you will have taken the 1st step towards ensuring that your communication with your loved ones improves and thereby improving your lives.

Share your love language in the comments section below.

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