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What hurts based on your love language?

A community for those interested in alternate healing!

Ok. So love language is not a science. And while it's not scientific, it doesn't mean that it isn't a super useful tool to help us understand the different ways that people give and receive love. Now we know the 5 Love languages- Touch, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time. When you discover that your significant other does not experience or give affection the same way that you do.... it's a GAME CHANGER! For example: You might LOVE hugs. Hugs feel awesome. But if your partner isn’t into hugs… and every time you want to express your love for them, you give them a big hug… Guess how much good that’s going to do? It works with our pain, too! Your partner might think sarcasm is hilarious and the best thing ever. But if you’re a ‘Words of Affirmation’ fan… your partner’s sarcasm might cut deep and scar you in an argument 😢 You may think it’s no big deal when you forget to put petrol in the car. But when your partner is running late and you’ve left them on ‘Reserve’ and they need to stop for fuel on their way to work… an ‘Acts of Service’ person might feel you are the most inconsiderate person who doesn't love or care for them at all. Knowing all this is not a science, but it sure is handy. Knowing how you (and your partner) express love, AND knowing what hurts them the most so that you can avoid doing that… that's what strong, healthy relationships are built from! If you aim to know and love your partner deeply, you’ll get to know where their pain points are. ❤️

What pain points are you going to fix today? Want to know how to identify your love language and your partners? Just comment on this post and we'll let you know how!

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