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Trying to be confident? But don't know what confidence means??

A community for those interested in alternate healing! Imagine - You are in a room full of people. Somebody walks in. All heads turn. All eyes are locked on that one person. Everyone is in awe. Something is different about this person. No, I am not talking about love at first sight. But something really is different about them. The way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they carry themselves - It's quite captivating. It's their confidence. They know who they are and they aren't shy about it.

We all aspire to become this person someday - A confident being who makes heads turn! Spiritually speaking, confidence is a Solar Plexus Chakra trait. (Don't know what Solar Plexus or Chakras are? ) Confidence is the belief in your worth, your capability, and your identity, and a lack of confidence manifests in many ways. Perhaps you play small at work, or you avoid speaking up, or you always let other people have their way. The ways our lack of confidence manifests is a direct reflection of the limiting beliefs we are holding on to. Did your childhood tell you that you were a burden and that you didn't deserve the things you wanted? Were you taught to believe that speaking your truth is selfish?

When you hold on to limiting beliefs, you create an identity around them. The further these limiting beliefs are rooted in your energy and in your mind, the more you will allow yourself to be defined by them. They put us in a box, creating the confines of how far we can step, literally and figuratively, in our life. When we try to step past the boundaries, those limiting beliefs don't hesitate to remind us how small and unworthy we truly are. But limiting beliefs are just that- limiting. So how do we change this? Get curious. Start to question your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself - Is that true? Can I absolutely, positively, without a doubt know that this statement (limiting belief) is true? Be honest. Dig deep. Ask yourself what the benefit of that limiting belief is. Does it keep you safe? Does it give you an excuse to play small? Does it keep you from having to face your fears? Does it shield you from pain? And then ask yourself if that benefit is really true. Yes, perhaps that limiting belief keeps you 'safe'... but it also keeps you from living your life fully. Allow yourself to be curious. To explore what stories you are telling yourself, to challenge them, to find where you are holding yourself back and have the courage to put even a toe across that boundary. Because once you do, you'll realize the boundary was never there to begin with. Confidence is within you. It is an internal power, an energy that we all carry in our hearts and at the core of our being, but we create stories and shadows that hide that power from us. The work here is not to find confidence, to grab it out of the air and lock it in to your being. The goal is to become more open, to let go of the dust that is hiding your light and recognize that everything you ever needed was already within you. You are worthy. You are enough. And you have all you need to embody your most confident self.

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