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Therapy - The Profession of the Future!!

Last year... I came across something interesting.

An AI for Therapy!!!

You read that right, an app that using AI gives counselling to the person. Of course, we all know Google track us and so does Apple, UBER, Facebook and I think now my Kirana Waala also tracks me.

Am serious, last time I went to him, he asked me, 'Woh weight loss waala Green Tea kaam nahi kar raha hai kya? Doosra dikhau?

*(Translated for my non Indian friends, on my last visit my grocer saw me and asked, "Looks like the weight loss green tea you bought last time isn't working, should I show you a different one?)

With AI, Robotics, Machine Learning so much is going to change but I am sure the one thing that won't change in the times that we are alive is 'Therapy & Healing'.

A lot can be predicted, but they forget that the Human Mind is Resilient, we know how to bounce back... We survived when the Dinosaurs went extinct, we've survived the Ice Age and I am pretty sure we will survive the data age too.

What do you think??

If you are a Therapist/Healer, now is your time...

Polish your tools because this is when you are going to be needed the most.

It's your time to shine!!!!

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