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The Mother-Child Silver Lining!!!

So, I love Science… Don’t we all? I mean imagine taking your latest iPhone and going into the fields for a morning nature’s call. All innovation and luxury in our life is thanks to Science. Science however is always evolving! New research, new findings and so much more.

Humans on the other hand… NAH! We don’t want to evolve. We yet believe in the old science taught to us in our schools.

Here’s something interesting that I came across today… The Mother - Child cellular connection. Now we, all know that the mother gives her cells to the Child, but did you know that the child also gives his/her cells to the Mother? Now what gets interesting is that this is a continuer exchange that goes on till the child is delivered… What gets interesting is that some of the child’s cells are left behind in the Mother’s womb!

Keen to know more… read the full article here.

In Therapy, we call this the Silver Lining! The invisible thread that always connected the Mother & Child!

So in a way, every child that comes into the womb leaves their foot-print on the Womb and the Mother! This is why healing the womb and releasing the energy of the unborn children becomes important. Imagine what all the mother’s womb carries from her mother and so on?

So amazing & magical the Human Body is!

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