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Spiritual Psychology!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Spiritual Psychology is a blend of science & spirituality that expands on Conventional Psychology by recognizing that a person has four levels requiring therapeutic attention.

  • Physical - what you do

  • Mental - what you believe

  • Emotional - what you feel

  • Authentic Self - the ability for joy, acceptance, and self-compassion

Conventional Psychology addresses a person at three levels; physical, mental, and emotional. These three levels, the bedrock of conventional therapy, and are all based on impermanence. What you do in your life (physical), what you think and believe (mental), and what you feel (emotional). All three levels will constantly change throughout life as you grow, mature, learn, and evolve. The Fourth Level is who you are at your core. At this level, you are able to experience unconditional love, harmony, peace, joy, and oneness with our universe, acceptance of others, and compassion for yourself. Not coincidentally, with a weakened connection to this level, life can feel empty, pointless, unsatisfying, and hopeless. Issues such as depression, discontent, anxiety, despair, self-loathing, and a host of other unsettling experiences, including our very will to live, arise. Often we find substances or addictive/destructive behaviors as temporary relief, others just live with the ever-present feeling of "there must be more". A successful modality/ form of healing must incorporate all four levels, to resolve underlying core issues for the last time and let you have your life back. Imagine how different life would be if your foundation was love and support for yourself instead of disappointment, depression, anxiety, anger, embarrassment, hopelessness, and resentment of your past? Very different. It's easy to say but to achieve change like this, you'll need to invest in some learning and in some unlearning. Spiritual Psychology is a modality to address the underlying core issues that have a life so out of balance. Fundamentally healing should take place at all 4 levels, to be able to live lives to our fullest potential. Most alternative healing modalities incorporate these. It's integrative and holistic. Share with us: What modality do you practice and does it incorporate all these levels? What combination of modalities do you use to achieve the combination of all 4?

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