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Shamanism & My Creativity in this Life!

Updated: Jul 14

So... by popular demand and writing down an experience of mine while working with Shamanism. As per our shamanic learning we are told to keep separate journals for past lives and dream work. These journals help us go back and understand the links and also act as reference material many years down the line.

So in 2018, Rozina Bhatia and I found ourselves at the banks of the River Ganga in Rishikesh attending a Shamanic workshop with Tulin. We had no idea what we had in store for us. More about the workshop later. Now about my experiences.

We learnt how to use drumming & journeying to go back to important past lives and I found myself in my most creative life. Now, I always struggled with creativity in this life. More art, than creativity. I never doodle, never draw, never sketch or even colour. It's just too traumatic for me!

And behold, I se myself in my most creative life... Living on the banks of a river (probably 800-1000) years ago where I used to sit by the river and use natural colours to draw on stones. The entire village loved my art and I used to regularly gift the sketches I made on leather and stone to people to decorate their houses with. While painting one day, a handsome young man came down the river in a small canoe and it was love at first sight ❤️.


We both sat by the river, painted, sketched, madly in love and finally one day consummated our love! I took him to meet my tribe and that was it! It was forbidden to marry outsiders, the tribe outcasted me and threw me outside the village after breaking a few of my bones. I spent the rest of my life there being fed leftovers by my village and treated like an untouchable. My dying thoughts were I curse this art that made me meet this man and suffer for my whole life!

The above is just a brief. My past life journal has over 20 pages of everything horrible and all the thoughts I had in that life and how life after life from there I rejected anything to do with painting, colouring, sketching and the like.

So, what happened after that? I am sure many of you would have seen my earlier background with my affirmation colourings... I was so driven that as Joining Hands we created an Affirmation Coloring Book. I healed and integrated that part of my life and understood the purpose it served in my being. Here's a small video of this book we created.

Now I can draw, and colour so much more with peace. So, in a nutshell... There is so much more than Shamanism taught me and maybe I will look up my journals and do a few more posts soon. In Shamanism we learn how to journey.... to both worlds. We journey to find answers, get clarity, solve diseases and so much more. As I discovered magic in my life with Shamanism and with Tulin, it is time to share this magic with the world. In the workshop, Tulin teaches:

  • Journey for self: To heal, integrate, resolve and come to a peaceful state of life.

  • Journey for others: To help family, friends and others

  • Visit past lives while in a trance dance

  • Embody the wisdom of power animals

And so much more.

Look out for more fun and interesting workshops

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