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Rediscovering your lost talents by Janine Booij

What will this workshop cover?

Skills and talents. We all have them. Some we are aware of, some we may not be aware of.

For skills we may work hard to develop them. But a talent is something we are born with, which we can use easily and smoothly. We may not even be aware we have got a talent, as it is so natural to us, it feels as no ‘achievement’ at all. For some it is music, for some it is writing or speaking, for others it may be cooking, sports or meditating or even clair voyance.

But what if… our present day talents were developed in another time, another place, before we were born to our present life? May be we have had to work hard for them at that time.

We can simply use those talents, without having to put any effort in learning them, because we learned them in an earlier life.

What will you get at end of the Workshop?

And what if… we have some lingering talents that we aren’t (fully) aware of yet? Some potential that we may be able to use in our present day lives? Simply because we haven’t yet discovered we have these talents or skills.What is blocking us from reaching our potential or goals? We will explore these topics together during this online workshop.

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