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How Old are You?... NAH! YOU ARE WRONG!

Updated: Jul 10

Many moons back in 1 of the sessions Sarah Rudra (a fellow therapist and a dear friend) & I spoke about ageing and we discovered something really interesting.. 🤔 We discovered that if you wanted you could:

  1. Stop ageing 💃

  2. Reverse ageing 👶

  3. Be free of the ailments that you feel come with old age....🚑

WTF! Yeah.. I was like that too... That's not possible said so many to me. We did sessions and talks about the same to show how the mind is so powerful that it accepts the age given by the calendar... 😱 Then this came my way today: Old mice grow young again in the study. Can people do the same? | CNN

Of course we won't believe this! Why should we? Aren't we all victims of our own belief systems? 🤢 Anyways... We have an Organ Re-Generating workshop starting next week. A few sessions to help those who have lost an organ... Would you like to join? Let me know in the comments..

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