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How Education Ruined Us!!

Take a look at the picture... What does it look like?

If you were a class teacher, what would you say about it?

Nothing is what it seems.

Our six-year-old gave us a note. His teacher had called my wife and me for an urgent parental interview. Of course, we asked our son if he knew what it was about, and he told us he drew a drawing that his teacher didn't like. When we went to school the next day, the teacher showed us the drawing and said the assignment was to draw your family, and our son drew this. Whether we had an explanation for this?

"Yes," my wife said, smiling, "this is our family. We were snorkeling in the Mediterranean last summer."

And that, my friends, is how education ruined us!

You may have the latest car, the latest phone, but your child still learns the same things you learned!

The second-largest trauma comes from the teachers! Think about it.

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