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Cord Connections!!

A community for those interested in alternate healing!

Just as babies are connected to their mothers by an umbilical cord, we are connected with each other through 'energy cords.' These cords are often referred to as Cords of Attachment and are especially strong between people who spend a lot of time together such as partners or spouses, family members, friends, and work colleagues. Types of cords:

  • Positive or Spiritual Cords: Allow the flow of love, respect, and growing of relationship and are surrounded by positive energy.

  • Toxic cords: Surrounded by negative energy, anger, sadness, low self esteem, manipulations.

Toxic cords should be cut at the earliest. They have detrimental effects on your life, turning your energy field from positive to negative for as long as they remain. This in turn, contaminates your energy field and attracts more of the same energy frequency. Turn toxic cords into positive cords by working on your relationship with self and others. Allow the flow of love and positivity. Feel the love. Be the love.

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