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✨11.11: You’re about to get LUCKY! ✨

A community for those interested in alternate healing! In numerology, the numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered master numbers. And if a master number shows up in your numerology chart and daily life, then you have some powerful attributes. What Are the Master Numbers? The master numbers make up the triangle of enlightenment. Master number 11, 22 and 33 reside at each point of the triangle. Why Do You Keep Seeing Master Numbers? You often look at the clock at 3:33 am. Or hear phone numbers with two or three consecutive threes in them. If you have this with number 11, 22 or 33, you might be wondering why. This is no coincidence. You’re seeing this number because someone, a spirit guide perhaps, is trying to send you a message. Meanings Behind Each Master Number -

  • Master number 11s have powerful intuition. You can sense when someone is watching you and sometimes you know things will happen before they do. You’re also likely to have déjà vu more frequently than other people. You get a sense that things have happened before, and you might be a little psychic.

  • You’re lucky if you’ve got the master number 22. It’s the master builder, letting you manifest your dreams into reality. You’re probably a dreamer with the confidence to make anything happen. You’re most likely a leader. You could play that at home with family or at work. You make incredible advances in both and make huge changes to reality.

  • 33 is the master teacher. You want to teach people to improve their inner spirit, among other things. People with this master number may become guides, teachers and counselors, You give people guidance, and if you’re a more powerful person, you may even go on to move mankind with your wisdom.

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