Q1. What is Alternate Healing?

It’s about exploring different modalities, healing from within and eventually transforming. It’s not traditional medicine. We focus on recognizing the cause of the issue that is bothering you and helping people stay fit physically and mentally. Alternate Healing helps in seeing the brighter side of life.

Q2. What problems can Joining Hands help me solve?

Typically most problems faced in life are under the broad categories of Money, Health, Relationships. At Joining Hands, you can expect to find answers on how you can solve these problems using alternate healing or by working on yourself.

Q3. What type of sessions do you organise?

All our sessions focus on introducing you to various healing modalities. We offer free regular awareness talks and weekly healing processes and paid workshops. Together, these events cover our three pillars- awareness, healing and transformation.

Q4. Are all the healers/ speakers professionally qualified/ certified?

Our healers and speakers are all qualified and adept in their respective modalities. Many of them do have international recognition.

Q5. How do I know what will help me heal here?

We give an insight into awareness of healing, i.e. what needs to be healed and why and then indulge in the process of healing, i.e exploring different modalities and the how of healing. We are here to accelerate and exercise the process of healing by sequencing it and paying attention to the root cause and deeper trauma, which will eventually let you feel the transformation in your life. To resolve queries, get in touch with us.

Q6. Do you have a mobile app?

No, just yet.

Q1. Are all the talks and webinars paid?

Our insightful workshops are paid. Regular talks and engaging weekly sessions are free of cost.

Q2. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do. Please refer to this link for all details: Refund & Cancellation Policy

Q3. I have signed up for a session and couldn’t attend it. Will I be given another slot?

In case you are not able to attend a session, you can choose to request for the recording of the session. In case you have informed us prior to the workshop taking place, your payment can be adjusted against another workshop or session.

Q1. Do I need to prepare anything before attending a session?

It is recommended that you create a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed before you start any session. Additionally, keep a bottle of water handy in case you need to have a sip pre and post the session. We also suggest keeping a notebook and pen handy to take notes.

Q2. Do you have one-to-one healing sessions?

As of now, no. You can indulge in our talk sessions, weekly activities and workshops. However, if you are interested in one-to-one healing sessions, you may contact the speaker of your choice independently. Please note that this is at your will and consent and Joining Hands is not responsible in any way. Happy Healing!

Q3. How can I follow up regarding a scheduled session?

We send information regularly to the registered members via e-mail and post updates on our website. To know more, drop in a message or call us.

Q4. What about the confidentiality of the sessions?

Joining Hands is a safe space where many of us share our problems and discuss issues. It is with mutual respect and understanding that there will be no disclosure of personal details.

Q1. How do I become a member?

You can become a member by creating an account via FaceBook or Google. Once you have signed up for free, you have access to everything that JH has in store for healing- talks, weekly sessions, paid workshops, newsletters and WhatsApp Communication.

Q2. How do I delete my account?

Go to your profile – Account Settings- Delete.

Q3. I can’t sign in to my account.

Please try resetting your password. In case that is not helping, then please connect with the JoiningHands team on heal@joininghands.in

Q1. Can participants from outside India connect?

Yes, we are open to the world. You may connect with us.

Q2. I am not from this field but I’d like to contribute to JH. How can I do that?

Please check the collaboration section for more information. Together, we can be a good source of hope, motivation and cheerfulness and bring about a positive change in many lives. So, let’s join hands and help people heal!

Q3. How can I become a speaker?

Please check the Become a Speaker section to know about the various ways to join us as a speaker.


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