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Unable to ask for more Money

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Tuesday, 11 June, 2024

2:30 pm


3:30 pm


In the vast landscape of human emotions, the reluctance to ask for more money occupies a corner often cloaked in silence and apprehension. It's a sentiment that stems from a myriad of sources—fear of rejection, uncertainty about one's worth, or a deeply ingrained belief in the virtue of humility.

For some, the struggle to ask for more money arises from a sense of unworthiness—a nagging voice that whispers doubts about their capabilities and contributions. They may downplay their achievements, convinced that they are undeserving of greater financial rewards, even when their efforts warrant acknowledgment and compensation.

Others may grapple with the fear of confrontation or rejection, hesitant to broach the topic of salary negotiations for fear of straining relationships or risking their position. The prospect of being met with resistance or disapproval can cast a shadow over their confidence, leaving them paralyzed by the thought of advocating for their financial well-being.

Moreover, societal norms and cultural expectations can also shape one's reluctance to ask for more money. Messages of modesty and selflessness may instill a sense of guilt or shame in those who dare to assert their worth, perpetuating the myth that financial success is synonymous with greed or selfishness.

Yet, amidst these barriers, there lies a profound opportunity for growth and empowerment. Learning to advocate for one's financial needs is not merely an act of self-interest but a declaration of self-worth—a recognition of one's value and contributions to the collective whole.

It requires courage—to silence the inner critic, to confront the discomfort of negotiation, and to challenge the status quo. But in doing so, one can unlock doors to greater abundance, not only for themselves but for future generations who may look to them as role models of resilience and empowerment.

So, to those who find themselves unable to ask for more money, know that your voice matters, your worth is immeasurable, and your journey toward financial empowerment is worthy of pursuit. May you find the courage to speak your truth, advocate for your worth, and embrace the abundance that awaits on the other side of fear. 

In this zoom talk, Rozina Bhatia will talk about such blockages in our consciousness and quick ways to navigate through them.

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