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SoulMate & Father

Event Details

Friday, 7 June, 2024

3:39 pm


4:39 pm

Zoom Session

Fathers play a significant role in family constellations, representing authority, protection, guidance, and support within the family system. However, the relationship between individuals and their fathers can vary widely, ranging from deep love and connection to conflict or absence. Also, Family constellations recognize that soulmate connections extend beyond romantic relationships and can manifest within familial bonds as well. The soulmate connection between family members, such as parent and child, siblings, or even extended relatives, often carries profound lessons and purposes. 

By integrating soulmate connections and the dynamics with father figures into family constellation work, individuals can gain profound insights, healing, and transformation in their lives and relationships. This process fosters greater understanding, compassion, and acceptance within family systems, ultimately leading to deeper connection, harmony, and fulfillment.

Let's experience family Constellation and  integrate with Mugdha Paradkar , a graduate from Healing Circle and fantastic Family Constellation Facilitator.

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