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Career: Why do I have a Bad Boss?

Event Details

Monday, 8 July, 2024

2:30 pm


4:00 pm


What is going to be resolved in this session?

Join us for a thought-provoking Zoom talk on "Why I Have a Bad Boss." This session will explore the psychological and systemic factors that may contribute to challenging relationships with supervisors. We’ll delve into how past experiences and family dynamics might influence your current work environment. By understanding these patterns, you can gain insights into why you attract or tolerate difficult bosses. The talk will touch upon practical strategies to cope with and improve your work situation, fostering a healthier professional life. Whether you’re struggling with a toxic boss or seeking better workplace dynamics, this talk offers valuable insights for personal growth and empowerment.

Who is the Speaker? 

Eshanye K. P. is a certified psychotherapist and life coach with over 20 years of IT industry experience in Bangalore. Her expertise includes addressing thought patterns, perceptions, and fears, and their impact on behavior and health. She uses various modalities such as counseling, meditation, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and family constellation. Eshanye holds degrees in Computer Science (BE, MS) and Clinical Psychology, and has a postgraduate certification in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from EKAA/Tasso International. She believes that mental issues precede physical ailments, which can recur if not addressed in the mind. 

In her own words : "Since childhood, I've been intuitive, exploring metaphysics and alternative healing within my family, which included Ayurvedic pandits and shamanic healers. At age 10, reading "In Search of Bridey Murphy" sparked my fascination with the mind's power and the unknown. Inspired further by stories like lifting chairs with focused thoughts, and encountering Yuvraj Kapadia's California Hypnotherapy Institute India at Mount Everest's base camp in 2006, I pursued my dream. Over 20 years in corporate, I learned and practiced various healing modalities. In 2015, I transitioned fully into healing, accelerating my learning while continuously practicing. This journey defines my path as a natural healer."

About JoiningHands

JoiningHands was founded by Rozina and Hitesh Bhatia, who, after experiencing the transformative power of therapies themselves, discovered their calling as therapists. During the lockdown, they decided to spread awareness and support, leading to the creation of JoiningHands. Today, it is a thriving community of over 25,000 people across 18 countries. We bring together top experts in the field to share their knowledge and experiences. Our mission is to reach billions, helping them heal and experience freedom in all aspects of their lives

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