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Attract more Clients : Online Family Constellation

Event Details

Wednesday, 26 June, 2024

2:30 pm


3:30 pm

Zoom Session

In this family constellation Rozina Bhatia takes participants through a journey of exploring the underlying dynamics within their family system that influence their ability to connect with and attract clients or customers to their business or profession.  Such a constellation might unfold: Identifying Relationship Patterns , Mapping Client Dynamics,Exploring Beliefs and Blocks, Aligning with Abundance,Creating Energetic Shifts , Taking Inspired Action.  

Through the exploration of family dynamics and the energetic principles of attracting clients within the context of family constellation work, participants gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of their professional challenges and opportunities for growth. By resolving inherited patterns, releasing blocks, and aligning with the vibration of success, individuals can attract clients and opportunities with greater ease and abundance.

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