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Mon, 06 May



Money Matters: Money & Beliefs

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Money Matters: Money & Beliefs
Money Matters: Money & Beliefs

Time & Location

06 May 2024, 9:30 pm – 10:15 pm



About the event

Money and beliefs are intertwined in a complex dance, shaping our values, priorities, and even our identities. Our beliefs about money are often deeply rooted in cultural, societal, and personal narratives that influence how we earn, spend, save, and invest.

For some, money is merely a means to an end—a tool to fulfill basic needs and pursue dreams. However, for others, it holds far deeper significance, representing success, power, or even morality. These beliefs can be inherited from family, influenced by peers, or shaped by experiences throughout life.

Religious and spiritual beliefs also play a significant role in shaping attitudes toward money. Some faith traditions emphasize the virtues of simplicity, humility, and charity, cautioning against the perils of wealth and materialism. Others may view financial prosperity as a sign of divine favor or a means to support charitable endeavors and serve others.

Moreover, our beliefs about money can impact not only our own financial decisions but also our relationships, careers, and broader societal structures. They can drive us to pursue certain professions, make sacrifices for our families, or advocate for economic justice and equality.

Yet, amidst this complexity, one thing remains clear: money is not inherently good or evil—it is a tool that amplifies the values and beliefs of those who wield it. By examining our own beliefs about money, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with it, aligning our financial decisions with our deepest convictions and aspirations. 

 Let's experience the healing of our blockages related to money in this event on Family Constellation for Money. 

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