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Working With Families


All you need is an open mind to explore the unconscious.


Claes-Berend is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with a focus on constellations and systemic insights, in addition to being a regression therapist. He has extensive experience in the field and has worked as a leader and educator with systemic constellations for 20 years. He received his systemic education from the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and has collaborated with renowned practitioners in the field. Claes-Berend is the founder of the Centre for Organizational Constellations and Systemica, where he educates other consultants in the use of constellations and systemic insights in their practices.

About the Workshop

Experience a breakthrough in your journey towards a healthier and happier self with our exclusive experiential session on Obesity. This intensive 2-day program, led by Claes-Berend van den Kolk from the Netherlands, is specifically designed to address the underlying emotional and systemic factors contributing to obesity. Delve into the intricate connections between your family dynamics, emotions, and weight-related challenges. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for transformative growth and is limited to a select group of 10 participants.

Workshop Overview

This 2-day program allows participants to experience a Constellation focusing on their obesity and weight issues. Each participant will have the opportunity to be a client over the course of the two days. The Constellation process will reveal the events and reasons that have been overlooked, leading to weight gain.

Topic: Unveiling the Real You: Workshop on Obesity and Healing

Date: August 26th and 27th, 2023 (2 Days)

Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST

Location: Mumbai (To be announced)

Format: In-person

Charges: INR 19,999 + 18% GST = INR 23,599

The above price is for both days.

Note: Each participant will also have the opportunity to have an individual session with Claes-Berend during the program.

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