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Family at home

Journey into Family Constellations


Unveiling the Invisible Threads


Claes-Berend is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with a focus on constellations and systemic insights, in addition to being a regression therapist.

He has extensive experience in the field and has worked as a leader and educator with systemic constellations for 20 years. He received his systemic education from the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and has collaborated with renowned practitioners in the field.

Claes-Berend is the founder of the Centre for Organizational Constellations and Systemica, where he educates other consultants in the use of constellations and systemic insights in their practices.

About the Workshop

This program is suitable for anyone interested in learning Family Constellations. No prior experience in therapy or a specific degree is required to attend. All you need is an open mind to explore the unconscious.


Many people attend the program for self-healing and personal growth. Some are interested in practicing Family Constellations, while others focus on their own personal development. Both types of participants are welcome.

For a better understanding of Family Constellation, please watch the video.

  • Who is a Client for Organisational Constellation?
    An organisation of a group of people with departments, structures and working towards a common goal. To qualify for a Constellation a client has to be a company which is not an individual run business but a company run by managers, departments, and systems.
  • What is the Learning Process for Organisational Constellation?
    The only way to learn is to observe via Live Demo's. Therefore, we are bringing 12 Companies who have issues that want to address their problems.
  • Do I need Prior Experience or Knowledge of Organisational Constellation?
    No prior experience or knowledge is required. The workshop is designed to accommodate both beginners and those familiar with Organizational Constellations. Hans Tendam will guide participants through the concepts and processes, ensuring everyone can actively participate and learn.
  • What is the Format for this Workshop?
    Format: We are bringing in 9-12 Large Companies who have pertinent issues and haven’t been able to resolve them. Hans will be doing actual constellations on them and the students learning how it works. This is an IN-PERSON Workshop. Each Day Format: - Introducing the Topic for the day - Client Brief - Live Constellations - Hans decoding his approach to the way he addressed the Constellation - Practice Sessions: The attendees (under supervision) will conduct sessions
  • Can Family Businesses be included in OC?
    Yes, Organizational Constellations can be used to explore and address dynamics within family businesses. It offers a systemic perspective to uncover hidden patterns, systemic influences, and unresolved issues that may impact the family business. By representing family members and relationships, OC can identify conflicts, promote better communication, and support the success of both the family and the business.
  • Is there any difference between Family Constellation & Organisational Constellation?
    Yes, here are some of the differences outlined in brief -

Workshop Overview

Workshop Overview:

Unleash the transformative power of Family Constellations in this immersive 3-hour workshop led by Claes-Berend van den Kolk from the Netherlands. Dive deep into the realms of systemic healing as we explore the hidden dynamics that shape our lives. Gain profound insights into the impact of unresolved family issues on your well-being and relationships. This experiential session is your gateway to healing, harmony, and personal growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Engage in experiential exercises to uncover hidden family patterns and dynamics.

  • Explore the profound principles and techniques of Family Constellations.

  • Gain valuable insights into the effects of unresolved family issues on your well-being.

  • Discover the transformative power of healing and creating harmonious relationships.

  • Learn from the expertise of Claes-Berend van den Kolk, a renowned facilitator from the Netherlands.

Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the secrets of systemic healing and create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Register now to secure your spot and embark on a path of healing and personal growth. Limited seats available

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