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Advanced Family Constellations


Unlocking Deeper Dimensions


Claes-Berend is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with a focus on constellations and systemic insights, in addition to being a regression therapist. He has extensive experience in the field and has worked as a leader and educator with systemic constellations for 20 years. He received his systemic education from the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and has collaborated with renowned practitioners in the field. Claes-Berend is the founder of the Centre for Organizational Constellations and Systemica, where he educates other consultants in the use of constellations and systemic insights in their practices.

About the Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey of deep healing and empowerment with our comprehensive Advanced Family Constellations workshop. Led by renowned facilitator Claes-Berend van den Kolk, this immersive 3-day program equips you with advanced knowledge and skills to delve into the complexities of family patterns and past lives. Gain profound understanding of family dynamics, work with complex systems, and tap into ancestral wisdom.

Watch the video to see Claes share his experience about constellations.

Workshop Overview

This is a 3-day program where participants will learn Advanced Family Constellations. The program includes the dynamics of multi-generational family patterns and past lives.

Practical exercises for working with complex family systems.

Family Karma, the influence of former generations, empowerment from the Ancestors and the use of past lives in constellations.

Certification: The certificate will be issued by Claes and Joining Hands only upon completion of Module 2.

Date: September 2nd + 3rd + 4th, 2023 (3 Days)

Time: 9:00AM - 6:00PM IST

Location: Mumbai (To be announced)

Price: The price of INR 19,999 includes:

  • Fees for the program

  • Course material + Teacher fees

  • Venue charges + breakfast & lunch for all 3 days

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