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Our ancestors' experiences and unresolved issues can sometimes affect our lives in profound ways. We delve into therapies that facilitate ancestral healing, allowing you to connect with your roots, honor your lineage, and release generational burdens.


Eshanye K P

Eshanye K P is a psychologist, a certified counselor, a clinical hypnotherapist, regression, family constellator, Shamanic healing, redikall healing, and acupuncture, past life regression, inner child healing, ancestral healing, coaching. She has been specializing in addressing thought patterns, fears, and their effects on mental and physical health.

Eshanye is a Clinical Psychology graduate and conducts workshops on topics like relationship management, health, mindfulness, self-empowerment, and career issues, ancestral trauma, childhood trauma,  for individuals and corporations. Her approach emphasizes holistic healing and lifestyle changes to prevent recurring physical ailments stemming from unresolved mental issues.

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