“What happens when people open their hearts?

They get better”

Haruki Murakami

Our History

Where it started from

The corona pandemic brought itself not just disease and lockdowns, but fear, isolation, anxiety, and pain. This impacted mental health and happiness. Amidst this stemmed a small idea. Hitesh Bhatia originally planned to organise a series of ten talks by healers from different modalities. He had a simple objective: create awareness around alternate healing. And more importantly: open the platform and it’s offerings to help everyone reduce stress and feel happier.

Joining Hands engages with you not just through regular talks and workshops but Weekly Energy Processes. The idea of Joining Hands is to bring together a soul that withstands and a heart that understands.

We promise that we’ll continue working towards helping you transform and live a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.

We Work with a Simple Vision

We spread happiness and help people see the bright side of life with alternate healing. Together, we are one community that speaks their heart out, listens, discusses, learns, unlearns, heals and eventually transforms.

Our Three Pillars


Our raison d’être is best summed up in three words: awareness, healing, and transformation.


“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

The first step towards change is awareness. Alternate Healing is powerful, but it’s magic is unknown to most. Our talks, sessions and content are the primarily for spreading awareness.


Healing comes from beginning to take the responsibility of realizing that you and you alone have the control over your feelings and behaviour. Alternate healing helps in channelising one’s subconscious thoughts and feelings towards one’s conscious mind and motivates them to develop a better sense of self. Our talks will benefit you, and our healers strive so that you thrive. After all, we exist to spread happiness and positivity!


You must allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn’t serve you. This is about how far you have come, how you are in charge of your own growth and that there is always a ray of hope. Through workshops, our healers do deeper work that causes positive disruption and creates a new, happy you.

Our Core Team


Hitesh Bhatia

“Happy” is what his sister wanted to name him when he was born. Little did he know that he would always be happy. A passionate chef, a loving friend, a therapist at heart and human by choice, you’ll always find Hitesh trying to do something new and different. He studied Past Life Regression Therapy at the TASSO Institute, Netherlands and hopes to set up a Shamanic School for Children on the riverbanks of Rishikesh someday.


Rozina Bhatia

A therapist by choice, a mother at heart and a gifted entrepreneur. Rozina is also the task- master at Joining Hands. She brings to those who work with her, the discipline required in healing. With a vivid imagination, you will always find her smiling and with a book in her hand. She has learnt various modalities but fiercely practices Family Constellations and Gratitude.


Ankita Bantwal

An animal and plant lover, she claims to love animals more than humans. But we know it all changed once she found her tribe at Joining Hands. Ank, as fondly called by JH members, is one more of those who quit corporate life to finally accept her calling. Now a Reiki healer, access consciousness practitioner, animal communicator and a crazy yoga aficionado, her favourite form of meditation is deep sea diving.



You, yes you wonderful person reading this, you are an integral part of our team. One of the many hands behind Joining Hands is You. Thank you for coming on board and contributing. It would all be incomplete without your presence and essence. Did you really think we’d forget? It’s been over a year and you are the true driving force behind. To tell you a secret, what keeps us motivated, inspired, a teacher in many ways and yet a student, is You.

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